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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Research Preparation

The research paper required not just a careful study of good resources but a sufficient preparation to write an essay and to prepare a debate on the topic of our selection.
After looking over several resources, I came across to a book that I thought was one of best resources. The book was titled “The Right Questions: Truth, Meaning & Public Debate”. I became very interested in this book because it addressed our topic and also the technique off how to debate. I really thought that was one of the best resources to get for our bibliography. However, my excitement vanished when I found out that this book and others were restricted for a large class teaching the same topic. For a while my selection became limited because the books that were restricted were part the most recent literature on the subject. Even though that we have found out valuable articles in magazines, and websites, the limitation was mostly in books because the ones that were available were older versions. The desirable bibliography was supposed to cover all types of resources, especially the most recent literature available on the same issue.
Once we have spoken to our instructor of our particular circumstance, she approved some books that were considered also good resources but were older versions.


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