Various Topics

Friday, March 31, 2006

Research Experience

After we got familiarized to the library resources, we were given a list of important topics to select for our future research paper. Each of the students wrote the top three preferred topics in a category of importance. After our instructor took time to review our selections, she formed groups matching our preference. The selection ranged from current and popular topics that have made news in our county and around the world. The choice was not easy because I became interested in more than one topic. I try to become informed and keep up with the current events because I understand the importance of the news.
However I must confess, that even with this good intention, there are times when I get behind and become misinformed. For me this research paper became an important tool to become somehow acquainted with these popular topics. The preparation of the research paper and the presentation of the debate allow us an important exposure to these topics that turned to become a great educational opportunity.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Interesting Week

As a preparation for the following assignment, we have a couple of class sessions in the Library. I recalled reading about the visit to the library and could not anticipate what our next assignment would be. I considered the change of class location as something good; however I felt apprehensive about remembering the change. The reason why I had this worry is because when my fulltime job gets hectic I can easily forget about unusual events unless I write them in my calendar. And in order to take care of this concern I wrote to myself a couple reminders in my calendar.
We were told that the next assignment was going to be a research paper. The Meeting in the Library was the perfect place to get a good head start in our research. When I got there, I could not wait to begin my search and I got into the computer and I tried to do the search on my own. Since, this was my first search ever in the Library and I was not familiar with the program, I was not very successful. Little did I know that the purpose of the class in the Library was to get us an introduction to the Library system?
I got into the classroom and I started inquiring the instructor about the search, then I realized that she was going to cover all the general guidelines for our research assignment during the class session. Our regular instructor was there to offer additional assistance, however the person that taught us the class was a staff member from the Library. She gave us an introduction about the general resources available in the Library and also in the internet. She also taught us how to evaluate the different type of resources and how to locate them. She answered to most of the question that I had in the beginning of my visit to the library.