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Monday, February 27, 2006

Challenging Assignments

The last couple of weeks, we have been busy working on our first essay. This project has been a time consuming assignment, we have been revising it over and over with the intention of getting the correct rhetorical body structure and content. This it has been a good opportunity for us as students in two ways:
First, to exercise our writing skills as we intend to write the essay, and the second is to use our analytical skills in the document.
We had also an assignment about “The letter from the Birmingham, Alabama”, which turn out to be challenging as well. The reading of the document was kind of complex. I read the document several times over and over, and looked up in the Dictionary for the meaning of the words, which I ignored. Then I was able to provide my interpretation of the document.
The letter from the Birmingham Alabama was a document that found it very interesting. Once I have figure out the content, then I came out to the conclusion that Dr. Martin Luther King had used very powerful arguments to clarify his views, avoid future misunderstanding and persuade the audience about his views.
Working on these assignments has allowed me to enrich my vocabulary gradually, by learning the meaning of new words. Another benefit that I need to acknowledge is that in the process of excising my writing skills, I am gaining a little more confidence as in writing.


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