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Sunday, February 12, 2006

About Arguments

We have been learning about the elements and lines of arguments. After reviewing some of these concepts in our book and at class, our instructor’s assignment was to make a rhetorical analysis of an article of our choice. This seemed easy at first sight, however it turned out to be challenging. We were supposed to analyze and distinguished the different structures of our proposal argument. It was an opportunity for us to put in practice the concepts that we have learned about arguments. I was able to complete this assignment. The following assignment was also related to the same argument, however for some reason I got confused and as a result it turned out to be a time consuming experience. This last assignment was to create a draft from the same article or argument that we have analyzed however because of my confusion my draft diverted a little bit. Since then I have been struggling some in formulating the thesis. I believe that my problem was that my identification with the author’s article became a barrier. Instead of coming out with the rhetorical thesis I was quoting the author’s thesis. I have been learning to appreciate people that succeed in the usage of their rhetorical skills. I realized the benefits of using these skills, when I consider the impact of the words being used in a correct rhetorical argument.


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