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Friday, January 27, 2006

Weblog Article About Drunk Driving

“Tennessee Uses Shame to Fight Drunk Driving”

The writer of this article talks about bad experiences as a result of a drunk driving. She recalls different events throughout her life, where friends and other people have become victims of people under the influence of alcohol.
It all starts during her childhood on a Christmas Day, when a car that caused her to die instantly struck her friend of 12 years old.
She also talks about other friend’s tragedies that were caused by the negligence of drunk drivers. She seems to portray anger toward drunk drivers. She mentions these bad experiences and even talks about other victims that are not related to her. One of her stories is about a local FBI agent, which was highly intoxicated when he left the bar and was involved in a head on collision with two young men. I believe that her resentment is provoked by the impunity of some of the drunk drivers that relates in her stories. She talks about how the law has acted unfair, especially with the FBI agent who after acting as a crook, he got convicted with 90 days in jail.
Her convictions are in favor of severe punishment to those causing death as a result of a drunk driving. She quotes: “And if you kill someone behind the wheel, you should have your hands cut off to prevent you from ever driving a car again. I come to this hard-line the hard way.”
She strongly agrees with the type of Tennessee law enforcement that uses shame exposure for the drunk drivers. “Starting Sunday, convicted drunken drivers are required to spend 24 hours cleaning roadsides while wearing orange vests emblazoned with the phrase “ I am a drunk driver”
If I would put it in different words, her statement would be like this: Punishment like the above would be the appropriate for this type of crime. Also she proceeds with some suggestions of her own, for example: she would like for the state of Florida to treat drunk drivers with the same jurisdiction that is applied to those who commit crimes with firearms.
“In Florida we have the 10-20 life law for people who commit crimes with firearms”
In a way I can sympathize with this person, because my family and I have been victims of drunk drivers as well. I agree that these people should be punished; however, I would leave it up to the judge to declare their sentence.



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