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Friday, January 27, 2006

Rhetoric Assignment

I was given the assignment to write about comments, experiences and reflections, regarding our Rhetoric Composition Class by documenting the information in a Web log. After learning how to set up the web log, my next step was to choosing a title for it. I chose the name "General Topics" for the purpose of addressing a variety of issues in relation to the class. I found Rhetoric / Composition (306Q) an interesting class, it allows me the opportunity to learn how to write, and provides me with the tolls to know how to analyze and to critique a written document. We have been learning the definition and types of an argument. Last Tuesday we read and analyzed an article titled: "College Life VS My Moral Code". Several students in class participated by giving an example about the lines of arguments and about the components of a claim. Once we have reflected on the points of the writer of this article, we were able to learn some of the values and beliefs of the writer.


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